Tell him
The piano noised through the hallway,
Moaning for the one lying in bed.
Who wishes to know that the once notorious man?
Who fought bravely against the enemy is now dead.

The moat filled with flowers, and music notes in air,
Forbid lies to be passed into his ears.
His feet covered with dirt, the smell of dust in his hair
People carefully composed their drops of tears,

Listen carefully to what the man is to say,
Children’s dimples laugh in such shame.
Who’s to remind him of his once glorious days?
Or simply tell him that:
The dead is buried with the Deads’ name



You kept everything, concealed.

Equipped with tears no truths revealed

All the broken thoughts, with words they fall.

Winter hue overcasts; the color violet paints the wall.


You are tainted by multi scars of selfishness,

You would take in all, with great carelessness.

Locked within, the emotions struck me like tides.

“PV = nRT” defines you, the pressure rocks sky high


Your deceitful segments of words

Penetrates through me as if the blades of swords.

Violently it picked on the vulnerable wounds of mine

While you harshly reply, our love will never shine


You pick up the scattered pieces of me

And sweep casually away the ashes,

All those horrendous voices of others,

And those hysterical laughers

Pushed and taunted.

You care not of our future,

For you are raised and praised that way.

But in the air it echoed

The truth behind us.


Now I know that it is just like an endless story,

Of mine. You were once there, by my side.

The light dying. Cover my eyes,

For I, do not wish to be blind.

You hinted, and questioned,

I was once clear, but again blind.

Time rushes by, like wind brushing on the winter hay.

Mist blown out between your lips, turned into ice.

Before the land defrost itself, I plea

For a warmer winter, here to stay.

Because soon I know you love will fade.

A shattered love

I showed no intension of breaking,

For only joy filled my tiny skull

You struck without warning,

Scatter to pieces I fall.

With the chair, I shattered and pierced through

The calm but concrete-like pool of water

I was young, stories to be told,

Love to be experienced, yet

I was drowning, drowning into your arms.

The trust flew to the other end of the pool,


Like that damned fragile leg itself.

With the broken pieces,

I had bombarded the once quiet pool of love.

Sentence Poem:

The tree stood


On the hill, with no competitors,

He over casts its shadows on to the

Grassy floor, which reminded people how


They are.

High Jump

There she was, at her peak,

Where she lay side ways, trying to sneak

Above the stick with her body. Her pride,

Rejected failure, she grasped for higher.

Will you, erase the sweat drop by her cheek side,

And ease her pains? Now, tighter

Like a bow before release she bends

Backwards over the bar.

Like all man, slowly she descends,

With unknown pains of previous scars.

They stare at her speechlessly with faces of disapproval.

Only push and praise they did, so,

Like all man, slowly she descends.

Like a fallen angel down to earth.

Gracefully in the air, she close her eyes

And rejects those faces with sighs of disappointment.

The cushion no longer friendly,

But she close her eyes, and ignored everything.

The world is now underneath her, and

Like all man, slowly she descends.


“I think I was going away”

I picked up a telephone and spoke

Into its’ distant and desolated link.

The man did not reply,

But a whispers came softly into my ears,

Voices so pleasant, story of my life

With the empty bottle in my hands,

He, allowed to held on once again

To what I had lost. I told him:

“No” For I fear not of the night,

As acceptance, is what my pride

Allows. O such graceful sight

Birds singing in the sky,

With you, my dearest friend. I say,

I fear not of the night.


“To be or not to be”- an old saying

Yet I only recall I loved thee.

The time has come.

Your vow questioned I,

Requested a warrant for a deep kiss

And plead I, to adore upon your lips

That is so dark and perilous

“What do you have to say?”

“What do you have to say?”

Against the dust or the gentle breeze of may.

You pushed me aside,

Quickly, as the replacement sand of the bay.

You rushed me aside,

Violently, like night took away the day.

‘Shame on me’ for being such a fool,

For I was only used as a tool.

Too many times, have I been deceived,

With you bath in your triumph as the end.

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