AUGUST 25TH 2009
It feels kind of funny, when surrounded by A-Do-A again

Becoming an outsider, I've got to let things go

There seems to be something slipping away, out of my reach, out of my control

yet I don't know what it is

Is it Time? Yes, I am a senior now, I sense the urgency its unavoidable

But its probably something else ...

Perhaps its the oppotunities I missed?

時差, 好累...



Back to the shit hole, 搬進新的公寓後

忙東忙西, 飆來飆去買家具

Fucking expensive....

手機, TV Stand, 音響, 書桌, 櫃子

雜七雜八的 加一加 打工的錢都快不夠用了
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